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Contributing to Hitch Libraries

Thanks for getting involved!

All contributions, bug reports, bug fixes, documentation improvements, enhancements and ideas are welcome, although if you have

Getting started with development

Hitch libraries are developed and tested with the hitch framework rather than, say, pytest. The main reason for this is that one story can triple as specification, test and generate readable documentation.

To download and run the test framework, first install podman in whatever environment you use. Then fork and git clone the project (e.g. strictyaml).

Once you are inside the directory of that project, you can build the dev and test environment with:

./ make

Followed by this to run all of the tests:

./ regression

To run individual stories, take one or more unique keywords from the title and run them. E.g.

./ bdd invalid scalar integer

You can add new stories in the hitch/stories folder and run them too.

Please raise an issue if you get stuck or anything goes wrong.