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OrJi is a command line tool to generate text files using jinja2 and orgmode files. It can be used to generate LaTeX, Markdown or HTML or any other kind of text from an orgmode file.

It is somewhat inspired by j2cli.


Simple org mode file used with simple template.

* A normal note

Just a note

* TODO Wash car :morning:

Car wash.

* TODO File taxes :evening:

File taxes for wife too.

* DONE Watch TV


{% for note in root %}
{%- if note.state == "TODO" -%}
# {{ }} ({% for tag in note.tags %}{{ tag }}{% endfor %})

{{ note.body }}
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}


orji out simple.jinja2

Will output:

# Wash car (morning)

Car wash.

# File taxes (evening)

File taxes for wife too.


The practical itch I was scratching was editing and writing small blocks of content in orgzly on my phone and being able to kick off a small script that either turned it into a nice letter PDF or CV pdf or updated the markdown on my website.

It also lets me maintain separation of concerns on personal documents by keeping content in org files and style in jinja2 templates.


OrJi can be installed with pip:

pip install orji

As a command line app, it is typically best installed via pipx.

pipx install orji

Using OrJi