Recommended complementary tools

This library was also designed alongside a number of other recommended tools which seamlessly integrate with hitchstory, providing functionality to easily build and to test various different kinds of software.

  • hitchkey - create a project "" of simple methods that can be used to run project-specific commands written in python 3 in an isolated virtualenv and easily run them directly from the command line (e.g. "hk bdd my test name" or "hk regression", "hk lint" or "hk deploy").
  • seleniumdirector -- tool that wraps selenium, making it easy to write simple, readable stories that interact with websites.
  • hitchbuildpy - tool that bundles pyenv and builds virtualenvs from it which can be used to install, run and test python code in one or many different versions.
  • hitchrunpy - tool that can be used to run and monitor snippets of python code (can be used with hitchstory to write 'better unit tests' - for projects which provide a python API).
  • dirtemplate -- tool that generates a directory tree of text files from a directory tree of jinja2 templates - this can be used with hitchstory to autobuild documentation from stories.
  • hitchbuildpg -- tool that builds a local postgres database in a clearly defined state which can be used to develop or test with.
  • pretendsmtp -- mock SMTP server which can be used to test code which sends emails via SMTP.

Coming soon:

  • Mock REST server -- library to test code that calls REST APIs.
  • interceptbrowser -- library to intercept browser traffic - can be used to intercept selenium browser traffic and modify browser headers, inject javascript (e.g. to mock time in the browser)
  • hitchbuildmysql -- similar to hitchbuildpg but for mysql.
  • hitchbuildredis -- build isolated redis server.
  • hitchbuildnode -- build node environment.
  • Suggestions welcome