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HitchRunPy is a tool to run, test and profile snippets of python code.

HitchRunPy was developed to run executable specifications using HitchStory that define Python APIs.

As such it can be used with HitchStory to build effective replacements for unit tests and integration tests where the 'spec' is a python API.

HitchRunPy is used to run the executable specifications for all libraries on HitchDev.


from hitchrunpy import ExamplePythonCode

    'with open("examplefile", "w") as handle:'
    '     handle.write("exampletext")'


$ pip install hitchstory

Using HitchRunPy

Why use HitchRunPy?

HitchRunPy combined with HitchStory serves as an effective replacement for unit tests in the situation where unit tests are most effective.