Mapping with defined keys and a custom key validator (Map)


This feature is in alpha. The API may change on a minor version increment.

A typical mapping except that the key values are determined by the value provided by the validator.

Example yaml_snippet:

Name: United Kingdom
country-code: GB
official languages:
- English
- Welsh
from collections import OrderedDict
from strictyaml import Map, Optional, Str, Seq, load, ScalarValidator
from ensure import Ensure

# This example uses slugify from the "python-slugify" package
from slugify import slugify

class Slug(ScalarValidator):
    def validate_scalar(self, chunk):
        return slugify(unicode(chunk.contents))

schema = Map({
    "name": Str(),
    Optional("country-code"): Str(),
    "dial-code": Str(),
    "official-languages": Seq(Str())
}, key_validator=Slug())
Ensure(load(yaml_snippet, schema).data).equals(
        "name": "United Kingdom",
        "country-code": "GB",
        "dial-code": "+44",
        "official-languages": ["English", "Welsh"],

Executable specification

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