Merge YAML documents

Loaded YAML can be combined and dumped with the comments intact.

from strictyaml import Map, MapPattern, Str, Seq, Int, load

schema_1 = Map({
    "a": Str(),
    "b": Map({"x": Int(), "y": Int()}),
    "c": Seq(MapPattern(Str(), Str())),

schema_2 = Map({"x": Int(), "y": Int()})

yaml_1 = load(yaml_snippet_1, schema_1)
yaml_2 = load(yaml_snippet_2, schema_2)

yaml_1['b'] = yaml_2
# Some comment

a: รข # value comment

# Another comment
  x: 8

# y is now 9
  y: 9
- a: 1
- b: 2

Executable specification

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