Parsing YAML without a schema

When using strictyaml you do not have to specify a schema. If you do this, the validator "Any" is used which will accept any mapping and any list and any scalar values (which will always be interpreted as a string, unlike regular YAML).

This is the recommended approach when rapidly prototyping and the desired schema is fluid.

When your prototype code is parsing YAML that has a more fixed structure, we recommend that you 'lock it down' with a schema.

The Any validator can be used inside fixed structures as well.

Example yaml_snippet:

  x: 9
  y: 8
b: 2
c: 3
from strictyaml import Str, Any, MapPattern, load
from ensure import Ensure

Parse without validator:

Ensure(load(yaml_snippet)).equals({"a": {"x": "9", "y": "8"}, "b": "2", "c": "3"})

Parse with any validator - equivalent:

Ensure(load(yaml_snippet, Any())).equals({"a": {"x": "9", "y": "8"}, "b": "2", "c": "3"})

Fix higher levels of schema:

Ensure(load(yaml_snippet, MapPattern(Str(), Any()))).equals({"a": {"x": "9", "y": "8"}, "b": "2", "c": "3"})

Executable specification

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