Why not use the YAML 1.2 standard? - we don't need a new standard!


StrictYAML is composed of two parts:

  • A new YAML specification which parses a restricted subset of the YAML 1.2 specification and only parses to ordered dict, list or string.
  • An optional validator (which will, as requested, validate and cast parse some of those scalar string values to ints, floats, datetimes, etc.).

Note that StrictYAML is not a new standard. If you have a syntax highlighter or editor or anything else that recognizes or reads YAML it will recognize StrictYAML in the same way.

While not all YAML output by other programs will be readable by StrictYAML (it is, after all, stricter), a lot will be.

The features removed from the YAML spec, and their rationales are as follows: