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With org run, you can hit one button and trigger a variety of different scripts depending upon what is in your notes.

The scripts could:

  • Send an email
  • Generate a PDF
  • Export data

It will look through all of them for a TODO note with a tag matching a templated script (sh) file.

You can use this to trigger templated bash scripts which can execute pre-defined tasks from notes.

This example runs a bash script to send an email.

If there are zero or two notes matching scripts then it will raise an error.


* TODO An email I want to send :email:

** email

** body

Windows sucks.

* TODO Wash car :morning:

Car wash.

* TODO File taxes :evening:

File taxes for wife too.

* DONE Watch TV


* Another note

* Another irrelevant note.


echo {{"body").body.oneline }}
cat {{"email").body.tempfile() }}

echo {{ orgfile }}
echo {{ tmp }}
echo {{ out }}


orji run org orun

Will output:

Windows sucks.