Why not use kwalify with standard YAML to validate my YAML?

Kwalify is a schema validation language that is written in YAML.

It is a descriptive schema language suitable for validating simple YAML.

Kwalify compiles to the strictyaml equivalent but is able to do less. You cannot, for example:

  • Plug generated lists that come from outside of the spec (e.g. a list of country code from pycountry).
  • Validate parts of the schema which can be either one thing or another - e.g. a list or a single string.
  • Plug sub-validators of a document into larger validators.

If your schema is very simple and small, there is no point to using kwalify.

If your schema needs to be shared with a 3rd party - especially a third party using another language, it may be helpful to use it.

If your schema validation requirements are more complicated - e.g. like what is described above - it's best not to use it.