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HitchStory is a python 3 testing and living documentation framework for building easily maintained example driven executable specifications (sometimes dubbed acceptance tests).

It was designed initially to make realistic testing of code less of a goddamn chore so the tests would actually get written and run.

The executable specifications can be written to specify and test applications at any level and have been used successfully to replace traditional [low level unit tests](), [integration tests]() and [end to end tests]() with easier to maintain tests.

The specifications are written using StrictYAML and the code to execute them is written by you, in python.



Logged in:
    website: /login  # preconditions
  - Form filled:
      username: AzureDiamond
      password: hunter2
  - Clicked: login

Email sent:
  about: |
    The most basic email with no subject, cc or bcc
  based on: logged in             # inherits from and continues from test above
  - Clicked: new email
  - Form filled:
      to: Cthon98@aol.com
      contents: |                # long form text
        Hey guys,

        I think I got hacked!
  - Clicked: send email
  - Email was sent


from hitchstory import BaseEngine, GivenDefinition, GivenProperty
from mockemailchecker import email_was_sent
from mockselenium import Webdriver
from strictyaml import Str

class Engine(BaseEngine):
    given_definition = GivenDefinition(

    def set_up(self):
        self.driver = Webdriver()

    def form_filled(self, **textboxes):
        for name, contents in sorted(textboxes.items()):
            self.driver.fill_form(name, contents)

    def clicked(self, name):

    def email_was_sent(self):
from hitchstory import StoryCollection
from pathquery import pathquery
from engine import Engine

StoryCollection(pathquery(".").ext("story"), Engine()).named("Email sent").play()

Will output:

RUNNING Email sent in /path/to/example.story ...
Visiting http://localhost:5000/login
Entering text hunter2 in password
Entering text AzureDiamond in username
Clicking on login
Clicking on new email
In contents entering text:
Hey guys,

I think I got hacked!

Entering text Cthon98@aol.com in to
Clicking on send email
Email was sent
SUCCESS in 0.1 seconds.

Installation and set up

You can install hitchstory through pypi in any python 3 virtualenv:

$ pip install hitchstory

However, it’s recommended to use hitchstory with hitchkey, which will take care of automatically setting up the recommended hitchstory environment.

Install the bootstrapper in your system python:

sudo pip install hitchkey

NOTE 1: If you

NOTE 2: if you’re morally against sudo pip install, please follow alternate rather than starting a flame war.

Once hitchkey is installed:

Go to a temporary directory and show basics:

cd temp
hk --demo hitchstory ; hk bdd email

Example python API test demo (uses game of life):

cd temp
hk --demo pythonapi ; cd pythonapi ; hk bdd

Using HitchStory

Approach to using HitchStory

Best practices, how the tool was meant to be used, etc.

Design decisions and principles

Somewhat controversial design decisions are justified here.

Why not X instead?

There are several tools you can use instead, this is why you should use this one instead: