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Write code with the least expressive power

Write code with the least expressive power necessary is a [tradeoff principle of code quality].


  • YAML vs Python
  • The story of JSON
  • Whither garbage collector
  • Metaprogramming
  • LINQ vs. C#
  • SQL vs. imperative
  • The DSL merry-go-round
  • C++ templating language


These are principles which can be partially or in whole be derived from this principle.

Other people talking about the same principle

These explanations discuss languages as if their power is uniform and static, whereas this principle also applies to problems and the power of features used to solve them within the same language.

  • (treats 'language power' as uniform across a programming language - although it can vary from feature to feature - e.g. functional vs. imperative).

  • (applied specifically to security)


  • Jeff Atwood