Recommended Environment

HitchStory was designed and built on the presumption that it would always be run in a different environment to the environment used to run the code. This is in stark contrast to how unit testing frameworks are presumed to run - i.e. in python, in the same virtualenv.

There are two reasons for this:

  • HitchStory dependencies and related tools are unable to conflict with application code if they run in a separate, segrated environment.

  • If segregated, HitchStory and its related tools can be used to set up testing and development environments.

HitchStory was also designed to only be run indirectly from the command line, like this example which is pulled directly from this project's file:

def bdd(*keywords):
    Run story with name containing keywords.
        "overwrite artefacts": False, "print output": True,

This is done because while a lot of the time the configuration of how tests are run is simple - requiring just a one liner, far too frequently it becomes necessary to change the behavior of how tests are run - often in a complex way.