Generate documentation from stories

hitchstory YAML stories are designed to be readable, but also terse and easy to maintain.

Where terseness and ease of maintenance trumps readability, the former take precedence. YAML stories are not intended to be a replacement for stakeholder documentation in and of themselves.

YAML stories are designed, however, to be used to generate documentation for use by stakeholders.

The example shown below demonstrates how a story can be transformed into markdown via jinja2. This markdown can then be used to generate HTML with a static site generator.


  about: Simple log in.
    username: AzureDiamond
    password: hunter2
    url: /loginurl
  - Fill form:
      username: (( username ))
      password: (( password ))
  - Click: login

Log in on another url:
  about: Alternate log in URL.
  based on: login
    url: /alternativeloginurl

Log in as president:
  about: For stories that involve Trump.
  based on: login
    username: DonaldTrump
    password: iamsosmrt

from hitchstory import BaseEngine, GivenDefinition, GivenProperty, about
from strictyaml import Map, Int, Str, Optional

class Engine(BaseEngine):
    given_definition = GivenDefinition(
        url=GivenProperty(schema=Str(), document="Load: {{ url }}"),

    def set_up(self):
        print("visit {0}".format(self.given['url']))

        "{% for name, value in textboxes.items() %}\n"
        "- Enter text '{{ value }}' in {{ name }}.\n"
        "{%- endfor %}\n"
    def fill_form(self, **textboxes):
        for name, text in sorted(textboxes.items()):
            print("with {0}".format(name))
            print("enter {0}".format(text))

    @about("* Click on {{ item }}")
    def click(self, item):
        print("clicked on {0}".format(item))
from hitchstory import StoryCollection
from pathquery import pathquery
from engine import Engine
from path import Path
from jinja2 import Template

Generate from story:

            pathquery(".").ext("story"), Engine()

Will output:


Simple log in.

Load: /loginurl

- Enter text 'AzureDiamond' in username.
- Enter text 'hunter2' in password.

* Click on login

Log in on another url

Alternate log in URL.

Load: /alternativeloginurl

- Enter text 'AzureDiamond' in username.
- Enter text 'hunter2' in password.

* Click on login

Log in as president

For stories that involve Trump.

Load: /loginurl

- Enter text 'DonaldTrump' in username.
- Enter text 'iamsosmrt' in password.

* Click on login

Executable specification

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